BraceMobile to Give Families Convenient Access to Orthodontic Treatment

BraceMobileNext month, a South Carolina orthodontist will introduce the state’s very first mobile orthodontic clinic.

According to an August 2 Greenville Online article, Dr. Tom Atkinson decided to launch BraceMobile to help bring orthodontic treatment directly to patients, cutting down on the amount of time missed from work at school.

“Braces have come a long way, but what hasn’t changed is the inconvenience of the going to the office and waiting for the work to be done and the interruptions to the daily lives,” Dr. Atkinson told Greenville Online. “Our plan is to change all that.”

Undergoing orthodontic treatment typically requires frequent check-ups with an orthodontist throughout the one-and-a-half to two years the treatment takes — and Dr. Atkinson has seen the amount of time and effort this takes for patients and their families during his 25 years as an orthodontist, Greenville Online reports.

When the BraceMobile, which is both licensed and DHEC-approved, launces in mid-September, it will be a way for families to receive orthodontic treatment without having to compromise their professional or educational lives.

“Parents have to leave work, go get the child, bring the child to the orthodontic clinic, have the work done, take the child back to school and then go back to work,” Atkinson said. “Basically, what I call yesterday’s model for getting braces is hugely inconvenient for families.”

According to Greenville Online, the BraceMobile will travel to patients throughout the Upstate area when it launches — and the service will carry no additional cost to the patients’ treatments.

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