Canadian Man Proposes to Girlfriend with Wisdom Tooth Engagement Ring

Sunset ProposalIf “40 is the new 30” and “Orange Is the New Black”, maybe wisdom teeth are the new diamond. Well, probably not, but one Canadian couple may beg to differ.

According to USA Today, Lucas Unger recently decided to pop the question to his then-girlfriend, Carlee Leifkes, after they met at a music festival about a year ago.

Since he was planning to propose on Halloween and already had a wisdom tooth procedure scheduled, he decided that this was the perfect opportunity to show his undying affection for his future bride.

While most people view wisdom teeth removal as something to dread, Unger decided to embrace his dental issues and work it into his proposal. To achieve this, he purchased a custom ring that features his extracted wisdom tooth in place of a diamond.

While Unger certainly saved a few bucks by swapping his wisdom tooth for an expensive diamond, his motives weren’t cost-related. The couple said they consider themselves to be “non-traditional,” which isn’t hard to guess from Unger’s unique approach to their engagement.

“The tooth symbolizes the weird, quirky, odd couple we are,” Leifkes said. “Every tooth is different, and the tooth also shows what my husband’s willing to go through for me. Lucas literally grew this and went through pain when he got it removed, and all that went into my wedding ring.”

Wisdom teeth removal tends to get a bad reputation, but stories like this add a bit of levity to an important dental procedure that continues to become easier and less painful as technology advances.

According to Inside Edition, Unger and Leifkes aren’t the only people getting national attention for their odd wisdom tooth story. A woman named Shelby and her mother are viral superstars after video of the pair driving home from a trip to the dentist surfaced on YouTube.

In the video, Shelby is still feeling the effects of sedation and mistakenly thinks she underwent a failed breast enhancement procedure, much to the delight of her mother, who reassures her that it was just a simple — and successful — dental procedure.

From custom bicuspid rings to boobs on YouTube, it looks like wisdom teeth have somehow become one of the most talked-about things on the internet.

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