Hillary Clinton Would Be Just Fine With Taco Trucks on Every Corner

Image: Joe Mabel

Image: Joe Mabel

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute last week, one of her first public appearances after a bout of pneumonia kept her off the campaign trail for three days straight.

President Barack Obama also appeared at the event in Washington, D.C., to voice his support for Clinton and to encourage Latino voters to unite against Republican nominee Donald Trump’s divisive campaign tactics.

“Folks are betting that if they can drive us far enough apart and if they can put down enough of us because of where we come from or what we look like, what religion we practice, then that may pay off at the polls,” Obama said. “But I am telling you that is a bet they are going to lose. We can’t let that brand of politics win. If we band together, and if we organize communities, if we deliver enough votes, then the better angels of our natures will carry the day.”

Clinton also commended the largely Democratic crowd of political activists in the Hispanic community for their efforts in pushing the presidential race thus far.

“No one understands better than you the pivotal moment we’re at right now — not just for Latinos but for our country,” Clinton said. “My friends in the caucus have traveled to every battleground state and have registered voters. You have stayed focused no matter what kind of outlandish and offensive comments we have heard from my opponent and his supporters.”

Clinton hit on one remark in particular: the curious warning from Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez earlier this month that a non-Trump presidency would result in “taco trucks on every corner” across the nation.

While it’s true that exports from Mexican factories have increased 13% over the past four years, the tacos in particular did not seem to bother Clinton.

“By the way, I personally think a taco truck on every corner sounds absolutely delicious,” she told the crowd.

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