Man Arrested for Shipping Pot Through UPS — Again

potmailerA Chicago man was arrested for shipping marijuana through the United Parcel Service — for the second time in five years.

Ryan Bailey, 32, didn’t learn the first time that the chances of getting away with shipping marijuana through the United Postal Service is pretty slim. He was recently arrested again after accepting and opening a package sent through UPS that contained marijuana.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that UPS reported the package to the Chicago Police Department after noticing a strong odor of marijuana coming from the package, which was addressed to a cell phone store in Chicago. The return address on the package was for a fake shipping company in Aurora, CO.

There were about seven pounds of marijuana in the package.

According to CBS, Bailey was among the first wave of hopeful entrepreneurs to move to Colorado to work in the medical marijuana industry. Bailey’s run-ins with the police began here, after he was charged with growing more than the permitted 30 plants. His warehouse was raided of 670 plants. Bailey was acquitted in that case.

In 2010, Bailey was arrested for being in possession of roughly 40 pounds of marijuana, which was valued at around $300,000. The 40 pounds of marijuana was also shipped through UPS.

“It is absolutely illegal to ship drugs of any kind, including legalized marijuana, via the US Postal Service, FedEx and UPS,” states Chris Franzen, Director of Logistics, Broussard Logistics. “That doesn’t mean people don’t try it though; according to official U.S. Postal Inspection Service statistics, inspectors seized more than 46,000 pounds of illegal drugs and $20.7 million in drug-trafficking proceeds in the mail last year. The shipper can face charges both in the state from which it is shipped, as well as in the state it was to be delivered. The technology to identify packages carrying drugs is getting more advanced every day, and the punishment is getting harsher. Legalization in states, has accelerated the need for both of these–so the risk gets higher everyday.”

Two years later, Bailey was arrested for the possession of marijuana and was on parole when the most recent arrest occurred. His upcoming hearing for the new charges is on May 12.

Bailey chalks his arrests up to bad luck.

“Some people in the industry have gotten lucky,” Bailey told the Times. “Other guys like me have gotten caught in the system.”

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