Michigan Library Closes Indefinitely, Thanks to Bed Bug Infestation

Bed-Bugs-in-bookA Michigan library closed after search dogs made a troubling discovery: the Warren, MI library was infested with bed bugs. “Mayor Jim Fouts said an insect resembling a bedbug was discovered at the Miller Branch last Saturday by a librarian,” Detroit Free Press reports. “The librarian told Fouts that a patron reported a man, who was sitting next to her in the library, had visible bugs crawling all over his body.”

Dogs confirmed the bed bug infestation, and the library closed as of Wednesday, June 13. The library, and particularly items identified by the bug-sniffing dogs, will undergo non-toxic heat treatments while the library is closed. The treatment works by heating items and/or rooms to at least 135 degrees Fahrenheit. These extreme temperatures kill bed bugs and bed bug larva.

Moreover, officials will train employees to recognize bed bugs and telltale signs of bed bugs. Staff will routinely inspect returned items to prevent future incidents. The Miller branch, the source of the bed bugs, “will be closed indefinitely,” according to The Daily Tribune. Other branches of The Warren Public Library will remain open.

The infestation also resulted in a halt of used book donations until further notice. “The bed bug infestation is an indication that a favorite or relaxing activity at home for many, may pose risks for public libraries. Reading in bed could create a path for bed bugs to move from bedrooms to public buildings,” The Daily Tribune concludes.

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