New Coke Labels Unify Brand

cokelabelsOne of the most iconic packaging labels on the market for the past hundred years is the red and white Coca-Cola script. Now, Coca-Cola is rolling out new labels to make identifying different types of beverage easier, without sacrificing that clean script everyone is so fond of. Two separate redesigns will be released this spring in Spain and Ireland, and all the different flavors will be advertised together in one campaign.

In Spain and Ireland, original Coca-Cola cans will remain red with white script, but that is where the similarities stop. The Irish cans will have a different color for each type of soda: silver for Diet Coke, black for Coke Zero, and green for Coca-Cola Life, which has fewer calories and is sweetened with stevia leaf extract and cane sugar. In Spain, every can has the red background with white script, but comes with a color-coded band across the bottom to identify beverage types.

Critics of the new packaging are concerned that Coca-Cola will be unable to keep the distinct types of beverages separate from one another. By unifying each beverage type under one umbrella brand, consumers may lose recognition of each beverage. If Diet Coke is renamed to Coca-Cola Diet in order to fit the new theme, for example, it may be seen as too similar to Coke Zero.

The new packaging labels will save Coca-Cola money on advertising and may draw more consumers to the different varieties, but the beverage options may come to be seen as simply different flavors of cola rather than their own beverages. With a dramatic decline in sales in 2014, the rebranding may have arrived just in time for a comeback. The new cans will debut this May.

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