Popular Jersey Shore Restaurant Forced to Replace Rotting Wooden Floor

barOne of the most popular bar and restaurant locations in Jersey Shore — home of the famous MTV Jersey Shore crew — has had to update their kitchen floor owing to structural and surface problems. Bar Anticipation replaced their former flooring with a more durable mortar system that could hold up against the fast-paced and often abrasive restaurant environment.

The bar and restaurant was cited for having structural issues with their flooring — the former wooden floor was starting to rot. Luckily, closing down during the renovation area wasn’t necessary, though not surprisingly it was a challenge to stay in operation while the new floor was being installed.

According to InfoLink, terrazzo tiles are a popular choice for commercial applications because they can be custom produced to fit important requirements, and are hygienic, durable, and long-lasting. In modern kitchens, wood is not usually favored because it is softer, and more susceptible to issues of rot caused by spilled liquids.

The new floor is better equipped to handle the daily strain of heavy equipment, constant foot traffic, and the drips and stains that are a natural part of any kitchen. The floor is now both easy to clean and has improved slip resistance, in compliance with current OSHA standards. Hopefully, the new floor will provide a solid foundation for Bar Anticipation to operate on for many years to come.

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