Nintendo’s New Life Simulator Game “Tomaodachi Life” Will Not Be LGBT-Friendly

TomodachiLifeNintendo revealed that its new game “Tomodachi Life” will allow players — represented by Mii characters — to play games, ride rollers, go shopping, and rub shoulders with celebrities and sports stars like Shaquille O’Neal, Tech News World reported on Thursday. The game will even allow players to marry, but only if they are male and female. Americans are outraged by the exclusion of same-sex pairings and marriages.

Nintendo defends its decision, stating “Nintendo never intended to make any form of social commentary with the launch of ‘Tomodachi Life,'” in an official statement. “Nintendo of America added that the decision was mainly due to practical considerations,” The Huffington Post continues. “Gay marriage is not legal in Japan, nor in many other countries or American states.” 

Even so, it is difficult to ignore the fact that the life simulator game provides limited options for same-sex couples. “I want to be able to marry my real-life fiancé’s Mii, but I can’t do that,” Tye Marini says in a social media campaign. “My only options are to marry some female Mii, to change the gender of either my Mii or my fiancé’s Mii or to completely avoid marriage altogether and miss out on the exclusive content that comes with it.”

“Tomodachi Life is only a game – I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, you can’t please all the people, all the time! Good business is finding a niche, market to that niche, and stay with the perimeters outlined in your business model.” says Greg Melancon of Web Marketing Solutions. “In an Industry that is always promoting violence and wrong-doing, I commend Nintendo for it’s stand! Who knows, it just may bring them some profit this next quarter.”

Ninento’s blatant refusal to respond to consumer complaints and petitions may be the nail in the coffin. The company is already lagging behind, admitting that projected sales did not happen — and the company concluded their fiscal year in debt as of March 2014. “Tomodachi Life” is already out in Japan. It will debut in American and European stores on June 6.

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