San Antonio Spurs Seeking Air Conditioning Specialist After AT&T Center’s Cooling Goes Out

spursIt was a story that made sports media headlines. During Game 1 of the NBA Finals, in which the San Antonio Spurs played the Miami Heat, the former’s home court at the AT&T Center began to experience air conditioning issues, sending temperatures toward the triple digits.

In addition to making the crowd of 19,000 uncomfortable, the sweltering heat was almost unbearable for the players, and the Heat’s LeBron James famously missed the rest of the game due to cramping believed to be caused by the heat (no pun intended).

So while most other NBA teams are switching their playing line-ups during free agency season, the Spurs are keeping their championship team together and hiring in a different department.

According to a July 10 NBA All Ball article, the Spurs recently posted a job listing seeking a new senior operations manager with “experience and knowledge of HVAC systems.”

“The successful candidate will have experience with public assembly facilities operations including but not limited to, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and project management,” the job listing states. article reports that the Spurs haven’t yet stated that the job opening was a direct result of the air conditioning fiasco of the Spurs/Heat game.

“Spurs source says job opening in building operations was not created specifically because of air conditioning fiasco,” ESPN Sports Business Reporter & Business Correspondent Darren Rovell tweeted on July 10, according to

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